SimTrade Day Financial markets ESSEC

SimTrade Day on Financial markets

Prof François Longin

Roméo Tedongap, François Longin et Giovanni Pagliardi will animate a SimTrade Day for the Financial markets course at ESSEC Business School.

Program of the day:

The SimTrade Day Financial markets is composed of courses, simulations, contests and user cases around the theme of financial markets: trading, analyzing information and market making.

  • Discover the SimTrade platform and send order to the market
  • Participate to an experiment in behavioral finance
  • Learn about market making
  • Be the first SimTrader of the simtrading contest Make your market!

The ambition of the SimTrade Day Financial markets is to give you the first tools to act in financial markets: sending orders to the market, defining trading strategies, analyzing information, and managing risk.

Public: students of MSc in Management and MSc in Finance of ESSEC Business School

Date: Wednesday 30th November 2016 (MSc in Management) and Thursday 1st December 2016 (MSc in Finance)

Location: ESSEC Business School Cergy campus

SimTrade Day Financial markets


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