Short answers to some of the hardest issues facing investors today


Short answers to some of the hardest issues facing investors today

Jean-Marie Choffray University LiegeCharles Pahud de Mortgange University Liege

New book for investing financial on markets by Prof. Jean-Marie Choffray and Charles Pahud de Mortanges: “Short answers to some of the hardest issues facing investors today”

Outline of the book

The future only exists because we believe in it, we want it, we create it. This short book was born from the idea that the era of uncertainty into which our world has entered, following the American conservative revolution, the opening of China, and the renunciation of Europe to its dreams, offered an exceptional opportunity to discuss the role that financial markets might have to play. Markets give those who have the intelligence and the courage to accept their limits and weaknesses three additional degrees of freedom: (1) to share the vision and the success of others, (2) to build financial independence responsibly; and (3) to contribute to a peaceful future, by renouncing violence and the sacrifice of innocent people in response to the conflicts with which humanity is regularly confronted (cf. R. Girard).

Once identified, this opportunity remained to be exploited while respecting our personal experience and convictions. We decided to express ourselves completely independently, in restricted and equivalent half-pages, on some of the most important questions related to the market’s unique system for producing and sharing wealth. Being sure of holding only part of the truth, we had enough sincerity and respect not to seek to influence each other. It is, therefore, up to you to make the best of things and extract from our observations the information most useful to your discovery of this exceptional technology.

In the fog of present times, the truth is that human history is not coming to an end anytime soon. The progress of knowledge and science suggests rather that it has barely begun. Its most salient pages remain to be written. Chance (random mutations) and necessity (natural selection) constitute a necessary, but not a sufficient, condition for life and economic progress. It is up to us to use our intellect and our sense of responsibility, through our free investments, to mitigate their deleterious effects (cf. I. Prigogine). But, do men really want what they declare to desire? Our Short answers are testimony to what we have observed and to our many failures and few successes. Veni, vidi, vici. As a man learns to walk while falling, it’s natural that he learns to invest by losing! Our purpose here is to help you limit your losses while guiding you in your discovery of what financial markets might hold for you.

Short answers to some of the hardest issues facing investors today


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