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Certificates and workshops in progress

ESSEC GE 2024 (Lundi)

ESSEC GE 2024 (Mercredi)

Certificate ESSEC BBA Spring 2024


Certificate SMIB Cergy 2024

Certificate SMIB Singapore 2024

Certificate EMT 2023

Workshop by Prof. Adrian Zicari

 Demo certificate 

Demo certificate

What is SimTrade?

SimTrade is a trading-simulation platform available. In a fictitious but realistic way, SimTraders can send orders to buy or sell stocks within predefined and reproducible market scenarios. The originality of SimTrade is to simulate not only orders sent by SimTraders but also the realistic behavior of other traders and the evolution of financial asset prices (SimTrade engine), SimTraders having a direct impact on the market.

The objective of SimTrade is educational: to understand the economic phenomena through financial markets. SimTrade allows one to analyze what happened in the market during the simulation. In which conditions my order was executed in the market? Why my position is losing or winning ? Why stock prices decrease or increase? How financial asset prices are set ? What is the influence of economic news on market prices? SimTrade brings clear and precise answers to all these questions.

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