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SimTrade testimonials

From participants

Wesley Eveille - ESSEC BBA - March 2019

The SimTrade experience delivers innovative teaching. The learning platform offers various activities covering different aspects of the financial markets while creating a community that solicits all students. It allows you to get started in trading by placing orders and understanding the different parameters involved in the price evolution of a stock. Case studies allow us to understand the practice from real cases, thus, how different events intervene in the evolution of prices and the market's reactions. The work of all the students is presented as press articles to which we can interact! There is even a ranking that compares our performance with other people in the group.

A great experience!

Boyi Li - ESSEC BBA - November 2018

I found Simtrade is one of the most interesting courses in my last semester, it was a little bit challenging but surely instructive, it requires us not only to understand the theories of investing but also apply them to practice.

You would never realize how time flys when you are trying to maximize your scores in those simulations. If you are interested in investing in the stock market, Simtrade will be absolutely the right class you need to participate.

Julien Crabi - ESSEC BBA - May 2018

I found the certificate Simtrade, which is a course on financial markets, very interesting in its format. Simtrade, thanks to its numerous simulations, is a course more complete and above all more engaging than any other finance course Ive had.

These simulations make the course more concrete and more applied by asking the implementation in practice of theoretical knowledge. Instead of focusing on the retention of information, you have to learn how to use it in different contexts.

also found the course very pleasant. You are rapidly caught up in the game of simulations and contests. You try to understand everything that have an impact on the market without paying attention to the numbers of hours spent on it.

A motivating and instructive course!

Kevin Tapala - ESSEC BBA - March 2018

I believe one of the most exciting components of SimTrade, besides understanding the "big picture" of financial markets, are the case studies. The idea of finding a real life case which relates to the theory we practice is a great learning experience. What makes it even more exciting is that we can get likes and even feedback in form of comments on our case study.

From instructors

Giovanni Pagliardi PhD Progam ESSEC Business School December 2016

This SimTrade Day gave me the valuable opportunity to observe how students would react to the different types of news arriving on the market, and how they would translate the theoretical notions learnt in class into a real-world test about how a market-maker should face uncertainty and risk.

The most beautiful aspect of this event was that the students got more and more excited at any new simulation: they liked experiencing new challenging trading scenarios and I felt it gratifying to explain to them the tricks to succeed on the financial markets.

The passion of the students, their interest and their satisfaction are, as always, the most valuable reward for any instructor.