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SimTrade testimonials

From participants

Mengan Xu - ESSEC Business School, BBA - November 2023

Simtrade is a Simtrade is a fantastic learning platform! Through courses, simulations, contests, and case studies, I have gained a deeper understanding of the stock trading market and financial theories. The platform is thoughtfully designed and user-friendly, allowing me to allocate my time freely for learning. Grateful to Professor LONGIN and everyone who contributed to Simtrade!

Yugam Bharadwaj - ESSEC Business School, MBA, Strategy and Digital Leadership - April 2023

SimTrade is an exceptional platform that combines theoretical learning with practical simulations and case studies, providing an immersive experience to gain financial literacy skills. The platform is well-organized, user-friendly, and adaptable to students needs. The course is suitable for beginners looking to test their strategies.

Caleb Gilligan - ESSEC Business School - Global Bachelor of Business Administration (GBBA) - February 2023

Professor Longin's SimTrade course was informative and helped improve my financial literacy skills. I developed a strong understanding through the lessons and quizzes, then tested my knowledge with interactive simulations, contests, and case studies. I strongly recommend enrolling in the SimTrade course if you are interested in financial markets and how they work. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, I am confident you will take something away from this program.

Amin Amin - ESSEC Business School, MBA, Strategy and Digital Leadership - February 2023

SimTrade is a fantastic platform that offers a comprehensive and user-friendly environment for simulating and learning about the stock market. It's a great tool for both beginner and experienced traders to practice their strategies, test their ideas, and stay ahead of the game. Highly recommend it! Thank you Adrian ZICARI and thank you Franois LONGIN!

Riccardo Ravello - ESSEC Business School - Global Bachelor of Business Administration (GBBA) - November 2022

SimTrade is very well organized course. You have access to a rich platform full of content. The lectures are very clear and useful, you can directly check what you learned thanks to MCQs. Simulations help you test the different notions you've seen and challenge you to see how you'll use the new notions introduced, You'll be learning a lot thanks to courses and simulations. The cases presentation part allows you to get some overall culture and the contest is very fun as you're competing with the other students. I highly recommend it.

Nezha Lisa Chekkar - ESSEC Executive Education (EEE) - Master Spcialis Direction Financire Contrle (MS DFC) - March 2022

Simtrade Journey 1 was just amazing. Asking for more!!! Impatient to see the next journeys. Thanks Mr Longin, we did much appreciate the Rolex joke. One thing for sure, the learning curve is urge. Simtrade is a smart way of learning by doing. Thanks !

Pierre Bergs - ESSEC Business School - Master in Strategy & Management of International Business (SMIB) - September 2021

SimTrade helped me understand the different aspects of the market and how to tackle its challenges. The SimTrade course is now a big plus for me especially for my internship in the financial direction of Bouygues S.A The course taught me the basis of the market, its behavior, the subtleties of trading and how the different tools provided by the market can help you build an efficient portfolio. During my everyday life as an intern for Bouygues, the course represents a powerful asset especially regarding the operations on Bouygues stocks or on derivatives.

Hamza Tourbih IAE Lyon School of Management - April 2021

SimTrade is a robust and very promising tool. I highly appreciate the effort behind such a project and thus thank Professor LONGIN for his engagement with a high pedagogical added value.

Mirmukhsin Suyunov - SolBridge BBA - April 2021

I studied 3 months in SimTrade platform and really impressed with the knowledge that i gained. I have learned a lot of necessary information about stocks and trading by analysing different events effects in each periods. I am really grateful for SimTrade, as now I am really confident with investing and experienced many functions of financial markets and their behaviour. I got significant information and experience for my investment plans and ready to make my first steps into real markets. Hope I will succeed. Thank you SimTrade!!!

Clara Hubert - ESSEC Business School Advanced Master Strategy and Management of International Business (MS SMIB) - April 2021

Very interesting course with many simulations. A real experience to learn how to trade the markets. Each session of 1 month allow you to organise yourself to do the courses when you want.

Nisrine Chibli - ESSEC BBA - December 2020

I must say that trading has always seemed so complicated and deciding to take this course was a big adventure for me. Verdict? It was a really great challenge! This course taught me that trading can actually be fun! The best part is that it's not just a series of boring lessons; not at all! We do both academic learning AND PRACTICE. Reward? You get to have a certificate that you can add on your LinkedIn and CV! Bonus: Franois Longin is a really cool teacher!

Qiuyi Xu - ESSEC BBA - June 2020

SimTrade is one of my favorite courses this semester! It is interesting and inspiring, as well as informative. The course consists of three periods, during each of which we focus on different topics about the financial market. After finishing this course, we can definitely have good insight into the financial market. What is worth to mention is its innovative pedagogypractice through simulation games. The simulation system is sensitively adaptive to ones reaction and the market will change accordingly, showing the result of his/her interventions in the market. The simulations are, in my views, more effective to practice what we have learned in the course and improve our understanding of the stock market. In a word, I strongly recommend SimTrade! 推荐一下SimTrade这门课~课程很有意思,是难得的理论学习和模拟交易的游戏相结合的形式(游戏设计得很用心,contest的时候有点自适应的感觉),可以学到很多关于股市交易的东西,课程讲解非常详细,在模拟中学到的是实用的操作。理论部分是在网站上自行学习,然后规定时间内完成模拟交易和比赛,可以根据自己的时间自由安排。最后还可以带走一个证书作为个人能力证明,帮大家丰富简历。总之这门课是可以学到不少干货的,并且只要好好学给分不会差~

Watch my video to know more about my experience in the SimTrade course

Walid Boukhress - ESSEC BBA - June 2020

Very beneficial course to master professional trading and acquire the basics to develop different types of strategies! Besides that it is very innovative and resourceful.

Antoine van Elslande - ESSEC BBA - April 2020

SimTrade has been one of the best modules Ive taken at Essec BBA so far. The concepts are delivered on the basis of global understanding of trading practices assimilating the bigger picture through discussions of case studies. Through the simulations, students can apply theories and learn from the consequences of the actions of other students who make up the market. It's highly motivating as it gives you the possibility to directly assess your level of understanding and practice as long as you want in order to master each concept. SimTrade is an innovative way to learn and I really enjoyed this experience.

Sumer Shankar Das - ESSEC BBA - January 2020

Very practical, real-world stuff. A interesting concept: Shorting stocks!

Watch my video to know more on my experience of the SimTrade course

Melchior de Tarragon - ESSEC BBA - January 2020

What I really liked in the SimTrade course was the simulations because they helped me understanding the facts around finance like market efficiency.

Watch my video to know more on my experience of the SimTrade course

Maria Hristova - ESSEC BBA - January 2020

What I really liked about the SimTrade course: we had the opportunity to learn and practice at the same time.

Watch my video to know more on my experience of the SimTrade course

Lydia Zidi - ESSEC BBA - January 2020

The simulations and the webinars were my two favorite parts.

Watch my video to know more on my experience of the SimTrade course

Kunal Sareen - ESSEC BBA - January 2020

It's really an engaging course!

Watch my video to know more on my experience of the SimTrade course

Audrey Viger - ESSEC BBA - January 2020

This course is different from others because of its extreme freedom on timing.

Watch my video to know more on my experience of the SimTrade course

Brangre Alezard - ESSEC BBA - January 2020

SimTrade course: a very innovative and new way of learning.

Watch my video to know more on my experience of the SimTrade course

Rudolf Michaelis - ESSEC BBA - January 2020

When I signed up for the SimTrade course, I was not exactly sure what I can expect from it. However, what I did not expect was such a well designed program with a lot of different contents. The method of doing your courses first, practicing the theory you have learned in a simulation, before writing a case-study on an interesting topic and the facing the challenge of competing with the other students in your course. My understanding of financial markets has seen great improvement during the course of the certificate and I believe that if you put enough effort, everyone can have a great learning progress with SimTrade. Also, the simulations and contests give the certificate a less dry approach to financial markets, which can be a great motivation, when you need a break from reading. Overall, I highly recommend this course to everyone, that wants to learn more about financial markets and trading concepts.

Aymeric Pardo - ESSEC BBA - June 2019

Sim Trade has been one of the greatest modules I have followed at Essec BBA so far. The way concepts are delivered allowed me to acquire an in-depth understanding of trading practices while maintaining an eye on the big picture with the discussions on real cases.

The platform is composed of a simulation part and a learning part.

The simulation part enables students to apply theories on a specific case and learn from the consequences of the actions of the other students who constitute the market. This is really motivating as you can assess your level of understanding directly and you can practice as long as you master every concept.

SimTrade is an innovative way of learning and I strongly appreciated this experience. I highly recommend it.

Nizar Bouladhan - ESSEC BBA - September 2018

SimTrade is very well organized. You have access to a rich platform. The courses are very clear and useful, you can directly check what you learned thanks to MCQs. Simulations help you test the different notions you've seen and challenge you to see how you'll use the new notions introduced, You'll be learning a lot thanks to courses and simulations. The cases presentation part allows you to get some overall culture and the contest is very fun as you're competing with the other students.

I highly recommend SimTrade !

Huiying JIA - ESSEC BBA - September 2017

The course design is very innovative,using Sim Trade platform to show actual problems encountered in real trading. This is a fantastic chance for us to learn financial knowledge while playing simulation games. Compared to the traditional teaching style, this innovative course can stimulate students' interest, after having this class, I was surprised to find that I gradually became interested in finance, and other financial courses were no longer boring. Thanks to this course and the efforts of Prof. Longin, I have a deeper understanding of financial markets now.

强烈向各位同学推荐这门课,不仅课程设计很有意思,老师也是那种可遇不可求的类型。整个课程的设计都是在Sim Trade平台上进行的,所有的练习都是模拟经营游戏,试问有什么比上课玩游戏更爽的呢?Longin老师本人也十分幽默,印象最深的是他每节课都会系不同的小领结,有兴趣的同学可以数一下老师一共有多少个~总之,只要这节课大家跟上节奏,独立完成练习,这么和蔼可亲的Longin老师也会给大家一个满意的分数,选这门课没错的~

Catalina Martinez Castro - ESSEC BBA - September 2018

The course was challenging but amazing. In the first place, it was challenging because I have never had the opportunity to apply financial concepts to simulations. At first, it was frustrating because I spent a lot of time on the platform, I made all the courses and simulations in advance but the market was never with me. Later on, I discovered that the basis of all was patience and concentration. In the second place, it was amazing because I learn and apply financial concepts in a way that I never imagine

The methodology encouraged students autonomy and motivation towards the course because you manage your own time wisely.

I highlight your attitude and passion for teaching it was really motivating and encourages me in all the process. The Sim Trade platform is really friendly with the user

I really hope to see you again somewhere :)

Have an excellent semester

A great experience!

Wesley Eveille - ESSEC BBA - September 2018

The SimTrade experience delivers innovative teaching. The learning platform offers various activities covering different aspects of the financial markets while creating a community that solicits all students. It allows you to get started in trading by placing orders and understanding the different parameters involved in the price evolution of a stock. Case studies allow us to understand the practice from real cases, thus, how different events intervene in the evolution of prices and the market's reactions. The work of all the students is presented as press articles to which we can interact! There is even a ranking that compares our performance with other people in the group.

A great experience!

Boyi Li - ESSEC BBA - November 2018

I found SimTrade is one of the most interesting courses in my last semester, it was a little bit challenging but surely instructive, it requires us not only to understand the theories of investing but also apply them to practice.

You would never realize how time flys when you are trying to maximize your scores in those simulations. If you are interested in investing in the stock market, Simtrade will be absolutely the right class you need to participate.

Julien Crabi - ESSEC BBA - May 2018

I found the certificate Simtrade, which is a course on financial markets, very interesting in its format. Simtrade, thanks to its numerous simulations, is a course more complete and above all more engaging than any other finance course Ive had.

These simulations make the course more concrete and more applied by asking the implementation in practice of theoretical knowledge. Instead of focusing on the retention of information, you have to learn how to use it in different contexts.

I also found the course very pleasant. You are rapidly caught up in the game of simulations and contests. You try to understand everything that have an impact on the market without paying attention to the numbers of hours spent on it.

A motivating and instructive course!

Kevin Tapala - ESSEC BBA - March 2018

I believe one of the most exciting components of SimTrade, besides understanding the "big picture" of financial markets, are the case studies. The idea of finding a real life case which relates to the theory we practice is a great learning experience. What makes it even more exciting is that we can get likes and even feedback in form of comments on our case study.

SimTrade course is innovative: you learn by doing with market simulations.

Watch my video to know more on my experience of the SimTrade course

From instructors

Giovanni Pagliardi PhD Progam ESSEC Business School December 2016

This SimTrade Day gave me the valuable opportunity to observe how students would react to the different types of news arriving on the market, and how they would translate the theoretical notions learnt in class into a real-world test about how a market-maker should face uncertainty and risk.

The most beautiful aspect of this event was that the students got more and more excited at any new simulation: they liked experiencing new challenging trading scenarios and I felt it gratifying to explain to them the tricks to succeed on the financial markets.

The passion of the students, their interest and their satisfaction are, as always, the most valuable reward for any instructor.

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