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SimTrade partners

ACE Finance & Conseil

ACE Finance & Conseil is a firm specialized in financial investments and wealth management. Its activity covers both wealth organization and asset allocation (financial assets and real estate).

ACE Finance & Conseil is managed by Gabriel Eschbach, who pursues a career in finance for more than thirty years. With several decades of experience in international financial institutions, Gabriel brings a professional vision for firm managers and individuals for their personal business.

Gabriel Eschbach has contributed to the following SimTrade simulations: Bl de France (French and English versions), Le prix du bl, Le temps des moissons, Quand le flau s'abat and Pour l'amour du bl. These simulations related to the wheat market have been used in SimTrading contests sponsored by ACE Finance & Conseil.

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Longin Inside

Longin Inside is a website dedicated to finance: training in finance (corporate finance and financial markets), research in financial markets (statistical properties of asset prices and stock market crashes), modelling and simulation tools (option pricers, estimation of statistical models, risk modelling, firm valuation, wealth management simulation), interactive glossary of terms used in banking and finance.

Franois Longin is a professor of finance at ESSEC Business School. He pursues a carrer in the banking and financial by associating consulting, research and training. He advises financial institutions for their risk management and firms for their financial management. His research works are mainly related to extreme events in finance and to their applications for trading rooms and fund management firms.

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FinLink is a professional network specialized in the banking, insurance and finance sectors.

FinLink is characterized by a strong affectio sociatis among its members and by the use of the new technologies. On the one hand, FinLink is a network of quality based on the cooptation of new members, on the other hand, the application allows members to develop and manage efficiently their own network in a secure environment.

FinLink mission is to propose to its members a trustworthy environment to develop their business.