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Market making

Market making

Learn to make the market

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Presentation of the course Market making   #codeLecon#

Course objectives

The course Market making presents an essential activity in financial markets: market making. The activity of market making improves both the liquidity and the efficiency of the market.

Teaching objectives

The course Market making will be the opportunity to get the following message: liquidity is a key element in financial markets. How is liquidity defined? How is it measured? How is liquidity brought to or withdrawn from the market? How is it paid?

Learning goals

The course Market making will allow you to learn in practice the following points of finance:

  • Know the definition and practical aspects of market making

  • Understanding the risk and return of market making

  • Understand the management settings for a market making activity.

After or during this course, you can practice what you learned by launching the simulations associated to this course.


Your grade for this course takes into account the following elements:

  • Reading the pages (5 points per page)

  • Your results for the MCQ tests (50 points for each MCQ test)

  • Your results for the synthesis MCQ test (100 points for the synthesis MCQ test)

About the author of the course

Professor Franois Longin
ESSEC Business School

« Discover the activity of market making: better liquidity for market participants and improved efficiency in financial markets. »

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