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Review a trading session

Review a trading session

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Case study Review a session   #codeExercice#


The case study deals with a recent trading session that you have to review for a financial newspaper. The trading session can be about the stock price of a given company, a stock market index, a currency, an interest rate, a commodity, etc. In your review of the trading session, you have to identify the events that could explain the evolution of the asset price during the day.

Your work:

  • Choose an asset and a day
  • Find a title for your case
  • Write a text for your review of the trading day: presentation of the asset (10 lines max), summary of the trading session (5 lines max) and analysis of the evolution of the asset price (10 lines max).
  • Upload a file, which gives the evolution of the asset price (screen copy of a graph).

Allowed file format: png, gif, jpg and pdf.

Beyond writing your own case, you have to evaluate the case of other participants:

  • Leave comments
  • Give likes


To give you an idea of the work to be done, you can have a look at the case study written by Prof. Longin as an example:

EXAMPLE Review of the trading session of Thursday, April 20th 2016 for the CAC 40 index

   Useful tips to get financial data   

To find intradaily stock market data, the finance.yahoo.com website is interesting. You may also visit stock brokers websites, which give plenty of information. Examples: Boursorama, Fortuneo and Bourse Direct in France, and TD Ameritrade, E*TRADE and Charles Schwab in the US.


The grading for this case study takes into account the work to write your own case, your evaluation of the cases of other participants, the evaluation of your case by other participants (peers review) and by the educational team.

The details of the grading is given below:


  • 90 points to write your case
  • 10 points to write a comment on the cases of other participants (30 points max)
  • 5 points to like the cases of other participants (15 points maximum).

Other participants:

  • 10 points per comment written by other participants on your case (30 points max)
  • 5 points per like obtained from other participants (15 points max).

The educational team:

  • 20 points per comment written the educational team on your case
  • 10 points per like obtained from the educational team.