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Comment on your favorite quote

Express yourself on finance!

Case study Comment on your favorite quote   CAS_COMMENT_QUOTE_US_V5


The case study deals with a quote, an adage or a proverb about finance, economics or business that you've to comment.

Your work:

  • Choose a quote that you like
  • Find a title for your case
  • Write a text including the quote, your comment of the quote (10 lines max) and an explanation of why you've chosen this quote (5 lines max).

Beyond writing your case, your work also deals with evaluating the work of other participants:

  • Leave comments
  • Give likes


To give you an idea of the work to be done, you can have a look at the case study written by Prof. Longin as an example:

EXAMPLE - Marc Twain about market speculation: clear and visionary!


The grading for this case study takes into account the work to write your own case, your evaluation of the cases of other participants, the evaluation of your case by other participants (peers review) and by the educational team.

The details of the grading (on 400 points) is given below:

You (300 points):

  • 200 points to write your case
  • 20 points to write a comment on the cases of other participants (80 points max)
  • 5 points to like the cases of other participants (20 points max).

Other participants (100 points):

  • 20 points per comment written by other participants on your case (80 points max)
  • 5 points per like obtained from other participants (20 points max).