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Markets & Firms

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This certificate is closed.

Presentation of the Finance certificate

The Finance certificate is composed of courses, simulations, contests and case studies around the theme of "Markets & Firms". It gives you a pedagogical and playful approach to understand how financial markets works and how firms are valued.

Objectives of the certificate

At the end of the certifcate, each participant should master the following points:

  • Explain how the market works: limit order book, prices and transaction volumes
  • Send orders to the market
  • Choose the type of order (market order, limit order, etc.)
  • Analyse the impact of events on stock prices
  • Understand firm valuation
  • Appreciate the degree of market efficiency
  • Practice some market activities: build a position, liquidate a position and make the market

Pedagogical dynamics

This certificate gives you great freedom to learn: you can start with theory in courses or with practice in simulations and simtrading contests.

The certificate starts on September 1, 2017 and finishes on November 30, 2017 at midnight.

The content of the certificate will be put on-line progressively according to the following schedule:

  • Period 1 (from September 1 to October 10): trading plateform and orders
  • Period 2 (from October 1 to November 10): information in financial markets
  • Period 3 (from November 1 to November 30): market activities
  • Period 4 (from November 1 to November 30): experiment in behavioral finance

An in-real-life exam (MCQ test) will be organized on ESSEC campus in Cergy on November 27, 2017 (16h00-17h00).


This certificate is reserved for ESSEC BBA students who registered for the SimTrade course.


The courses, simulations, contests and case studies of this certifcate covers the following topics:

  • Market micro-structure with a limit order book
  • The passage and execution of orders
  • The different types of orders
  • Analysis of information
  • Market efficiency
  • Firm valuation
  • Market activities

Terms of the certificate

The certificate includes individual on-line work: take courses, launch simulations, participation to simtrading contests and case studies.

  • With courses, you will access to knowledge validated by on-line MCQ tests and a final physical MCQ test at the end of the SimTrade course.

  • With simulations, you will acquire skills evaluated on the basis of your market activity.

  • With simtrading contests, you will have the opportunity to show both your knowledge and skills in finance.

  • With case studies, you will make the link between the world of financial markets and the real world of firms.

You will interact with other participants and the pedagogical team through case studies (peer grading) and discussions forum to ask questions and leave comments.

Training time

The time to spend on the certificate (courses, simulations, contests and case studies) is estimated to 25 hours.

How to register to the certificate

In order to register to the certificate, you need to create an account on SimTrade with your ESSEC e-mail address with the format

The deadline to register to the certificate is September 15, 2017 at midnight.

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About the author of the certificate

Professor Franois Longin
ESSEC Business School

« The ambition of this certificate is to give you the first tools to act in financial markets and to understand how firms are valued. »

Access to the certificate